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24 April 2019

piwheels stats 2019Q1

piwheels had a great start to 2019, with our biggest month in terms of downloads in January, and biggest month in terms of time saved in February! Headline stats for the quarter: Downloads: 2,176,652 Build time saved: 25 years 7 months 23 days This brings our totals so far to: Downloads: 7,703,358 Build time saved: […]

Author: Ben Nuttall Tags: stats
3 January 2019

piwheels stats for 2018

piwheels was launched in mid-2017, and we started counting downloads in November of that year, so now we have over a year’s worth of data on which packages have been downloaded, and how much time has been saved. If you’re not familiar, is a Python package repository providing natively compiled wheels for the Raspberry […]

Author: Ben Nuttall Tags: stats