piwheels stats 2019Q4

Posted by Ben Nuttall

In the period of October – December 2019, 2,945,938 packages were downloaded from piwheels, bringing the total to 14,745,528. This has saved 49 years in the period, and 172 years in total!

Each month had around a million downloads:

which saved around between 13 and 18 years per month:

4 December had the highest (ever) number of downloads with 39,153.

The top 10 downloads were:

  1. pycparser (156,319)
  2. numpy (78,388)
  3. PyYAML (64,732)
  4. cffi (59,786)
  5. cryptography (49,101)
  6. opencv-python (47,531)
  7. paho-mqtt (46,780)
  8. future (43,206)
  9. MarkupSafe (42,008)
  10. tensorflow (41,725)

Raspbian still dominates usage with over 95%:

armv7l (Pi 2/3/4 platform) is still a majority architecture with over 90% usage, with armv6l (Pi 1/Zero) taking just 8.2%. The combined Arm architecture takes over 98% of all usage:

Python version usage changes more over time. Since Raspbian Buster was released, Python 3.7 usage quickly overtook Python 3.5:

This was the busiest period for piwheels so far. We’re now seeing 30k+ download days almost every day, and kept up a 1 million downloads in a 30 day period for several weeks leading up to Christmas day, where it dipped slightly. I’m sure we’ll see a continuation of this in January. The new record of 39k downloads in a single day shows we’re likely to break to 40k mark before too long, and if trends continue we might see this become a new regular daily number.

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