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25 September 2020

Requires-Python support, new project page layout and a new JSON API

Some really important features have now been deployed to We are pleased to announce the addition of support for the Requires-Python attribute specified in PEP-503 and PEP-345; a new project page layout; and the launch of the piwheels JSON API. Requires-Python Pure Python wheels (ones which contain only Python code, with no compiled extensions) […]

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19 September 2020

Canonicalise all the things!

Running a PyPI mirror must sound pretty straightforward. Every action you see on PyPI, you copy it. There’s a list of packages, each with a list of versions. Packages and versions can be created and deleted, sure, but that’s easily manageable, surely? When you assume… Sounds easy, but we made the following assumptions, all of […]

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25 August 2020

New features – deletion, yanking and more

First of all, I should say a big thanks to our hosts Mythic Beasts for their continued support. They recently rolled out Pi 4s to their hosted Pi platform, and we’ve upgraded our main host – the one hosting – from a 3B running Jessie to a (4GB) 4B running Buster, and it has […]

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28 May 2020

Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit (aarch64)

Today, Raspberry Pi announced the launch of a new 64-bit version of their operating system, which is now named “Raspberry Pi OS” rather than “Raspbian”. Currently, piwheels does not support the 64-bit image, as we do not currently build or host aarch64 wheels. However, pip will still work without users needing to change their pip […]

6 May 2020

Legacy domain deprecated

When piwheels first launched in 2017, we used the default domain provided by Mythic Beasts’ Pi cloud:, however, we quickly acquired the domain and this became the canonical URL. As of 2020-05-05 the domain is no longer in service. Please update your configuration to point at, specifically: [global] extra-index-url=

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