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29 March 2022

View piwheels build output

When I first started the piwheels project in April 2017, I created Issue #1 comprising a list of features I thought were necessary for the project to be “feature complete”, and until now, the issue remained open with a single checkbox remaining: be able to publicly provide output from failed build attempts. When a piwheels […]

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1 August 2021

Python 3.9 wheels for Bullseye

Debian 11 (Bullseye) is due to be released shortly is now released, and Raspberry Pi OS will follow suit is also released. Bullseye comes with Python 3.9, so we needed to rebuild all platform wheels for the new ABI. We’ve added a Bullseye column to the versions table on project pages to show the status […]

25 September 2020

Requires-Python support, new project page layout and a new JSON API

Some really important features have now been deployed to piwheels.org. We are pleased to announce the addition of support for the Requires-Python attribute specified in PEP-503 and PEP-345; a new project page layout; and the launch of the piwheels JSON API. Requires-Python Pure Python wheels (ones which contain only Python code, with no compiled extensions) […]

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19 September 2020

Canonicalise all the things!

Running a PyPI mirror must sound pretty straightforward. Every action you see on PyPI, you copy it. There’s a list of packages, each with a list of versions. Packages and versions can be created and deleted, sure, but that’s easily manageable, surely? When you assume… Sounds easy, but we made the following assumptions, all of […]

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25 August 2020

New features – deletion, yanking and more

First of all, I should say a big thanks to our hosts Mythic Beasts for their continued support. They recently rolled out Pi 4s to their hosted Pi platform, and we’ve upgraded our main host – the one hosting piwheels.org – from a 3B running Jessie to a (4GB) 4B running Buster, and it has […]

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28 May 2020

Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit (aarch64)

Today, Raspberry Pi announced the launch of a new 64-bit version of their operating system, which is now named “Raspberry Pi OS” rather than “Raspbian”. Currently, piwheels does not support the 64-bit image, as we do not currently build or host aarch64 wheels. However, pip will still work without users needing to change their pip […]

6 May 2020

Legacy domain piwheels.hostedpi.com deprecated

When piwheels first launched in 2017, we used the default domain provided by Mythic Beasts’ Pi cloud: piwheels.hostedpi.com, however, we quickly acquired the domain piwheels.org and this became the canonical URL. As of 2020-05-05 the piwheels.hostedpi.com domain is no longer in service. Please update your configuration to point at piwheels.org, specifically: [global] extra-index-url=https://www.piwheels.org/simple https://github.com/piwheels/packages/issues/112

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